Why Join Aftermath?

Our main goal for Aftermath is to keep the vanilla Pre-CU we all love and enjoy playing in tact, while also making small changes that add to the Pre-CU experience without significantly changing it. When we made changes, we would only proceed on a change if the proposed change:

1. Led to a healthier and more balanced game.
2. Kept the feeling and core of Pre-CU and vanilla SWG in tact.
3. Was able to be implemented without breaking something else.

Following these guidelines, we are happy with what has been modified and believe it will bring a better gameplay experience to all players and professions. We want players to be sure that any changes or modifications made will only be introduced if they fit in with the core of Pre-CU SWG. We will never alter the core Pre-CU experience.

Our other goal is to maintain a stable and reliable experience so players don’t ever have to worry about the server crashing or losing progress. We make daily backups to the server and we will not be wiping the server.

Finally, as admins we try to be as active as we can with the community (especially on Discord). We take an active and talkative approach to the community as opposed to a stand off and watch approach. By doing this, we can be more connected to the community and take direct feedback for Aftermath.

Below are some of the features of the server. If you would like a full least of all our features and changes, please check the What’s Different? post.


  • Slightly Increased XP rates. (2.5x Combat and 5x Crafting). Jedi is default at x1. We also run double XP events every now and again.
  • Rebel Faction AT-XT Pet (matches Imperial AT-ST).
  • Pre Publish 13 GCW TEF System.
  • Lightsaber/Jedi TEF.
  • Pre-Publish 9 Jedi Trees that are tested, balanced and modified with custom skill amounts and most post 9 Jedi abilities.
  • Solo groups do not split payouts to all group members at great distances, allowing full payouts to players doing lairs on their own in a solo group.
  • Return of hunting and spin groups from the CU. Group members that tag an enemy will receive full XP.
  • Anti-Decay Kits removed.
  • Master Artisans can craft BARC speeders
  • Regular Armor sets (Mabari, Padded, Ubese, Chitin and Bone) mimic Composite armor and can achieve the same stats.
  • Multiple small QoL changes (Crafting time reduced to one second, calling vehicles/pets/droids in the wild down to five seconds, mission terminals display more missions & creature names on title, CA/AA’s are named/statted on the item and much more.)
  • Resources automatically added to Galaxy Harvester every single day.
  • Discord general chat linked up with in game general chat (full credit to Progor).

We make regular patches and updates to the game. These can range from brand new features, to small changes or bug fixes. For a full list of our patch note history, check the patch notes section of our website.

Community & Events

One of the most important aspects that we value for Aftermath is the community we have. Since we have gone live, we have been so happy with the community we have and thank every single person that has decided to play here and make this place something special. We have multiple guilds and cities up and running, and PvP is starting to build up. It’s a great time to join and be a part of this fantastic community.

Our Discord server is our hub and I highly recommend anyone interested in checking us out to come to the Discord and meet some of our players and staff. While we have this website as a source of information for our players, we do not use forums. Our discord server is where all the communication happens. We have multiple rooms and have a multitude of information there for new players. There are also voice rooms if that is a preference.

Events are also deeply important to us and we try to run events for our players whenever we can. Past events have included a Hide and Seek event and a multi-day Nightsister invasion on multiple cities. We have plans for more events in the future and hope players look forward to them.

This message is just a small taste of what Aftermath has to offer. Feel free to explore the website more for specific information on some of our systems and a how to connect guide.