What’s Different?

Below will be a full list of the changes we made to Aftermath from the default Core3 base that SWGEmu/Basilisk uses. Anything not mentioned is vanilla and default. Any changes added after launch will also be added here. The only exception is Jedi, as that system is so heavily custom I can’t list absolutely everything about Jedi here. However, the main pieces of information will be listed.



  • All basic humanoid armor sets (Chitin, Ubese, Mabari, Bone and Padded) have all had their advanced segments buffed to mirror Composite armor. The resource requirements have also been changed to mirror the difficulty of Composite. When using advanced segments on these sets, you will be able to achieve up to 90% kinetic. This will allow Armorsmiths to sell many more armor sets and gives players more choice in what armor they would like to wear.
  • Alien sets Defender, Black Mountain and Hunting have also all been modified to match Composite stats.
  • Durability potential on all Personal Shield Generators has been doubled


  • Added a BARC Speeder schematic to the Master Artisan box. Requires the same resources as a swoop.


  • Increased the ‘Bio-Engineer Experimentation’ skill in the Master box from +25 to +125.

Bounty Hunter

  • Bounty Hunter Toughness stat added onto Master Bounty Hunter box. Reduces damage from Lightsabers
  • Passive ability on Master Bounty Hunter box called Hunter’s Foresight. Allows a Master Bounty Hunter to bypass a Jedi’s lightsaber block more frequently.


  • The DXR6 Carbine has heavy armor piercing up from light
  • Scattershot 1 & 2 now mimic Fast Blast’s damage, speed and pool targetting. Scattershot 1 does less damage than 2
  • Master Carbineer box now gives +45 Carbine Accuracy up from +20.

Combat Medic

  • Increased Combat Medic XP caps so they are 2x the box XP requirement.

Creature Handler

  • Increased Creature Handler XP caps so they are 2x the box XP requirement.


  • Increased duration cap on Entertainer buffs to 3h30m.
  • Slightly lowered the action cost of all flourishes. This will allow Alien races to be able to buff without running out of Action.

Image Designer

  • Lowered skill point requirement to allow for Master Entertainer/Master Dancer/Master Musician/Master Image Designer templates to be possible.
  • Anyone can now stat migrate anywhere regardless of profession. You cannot stat migrate while in combat.

Jedi Unlock

  • Custom unlock using the glowy & village system.

Jedi System

  • Custom Pre Publish 9 trees replace Post 9 trees. Post 9 abilities and stats have been added onto the new trees (not all).
  • Force Run 3, Force Run 2, Force Intimidate 2, Force Resist States, Force Resist Bleeding, Force Feedback 1 and Force Feedback 2 have been removed for balance reasons.
  • Force Run 1 terrain negotiation increased to 66 up from 33.
  • Avoid Incapacitation now costs 50% more Force, has a 30 second cooldown and lasts 45 seconds up from 30.
  • Lightsaber TEF added. Equipping a Lightsaber until you remove it, using a Lightsaber special and using any Force power will now give the Jedi a Lightsaber TEF and make them attackable by anyone (except group members) for sixty seconds.
  • You cannot use Avoid Incapacitation and Force Absorb at the same time.
  • Dark or Light Jedi robes can be acquired by masters from Shrines.


  • Posture Down effect moved from PolearmHit3 to PolearmHit2. Allows Pikeman to use Hit3 without messing up KD timing.
  • Nightsister Energy Lance armor piercing increased to medium up from light.
  • Nightsister Energy Lance min and max damage have been increased to match the damage from a Power Hammer.


  • DisarmingShot2 is now a 6 second root with a 30 second cooldown. This only works on player targets.
  • Geonosian Sonic Blaster Pistol increased to light armor peircing up from none.
  • Geonosian Sonic Blaster Pistol certification moved from xx2x pistoleer to 4xxx pistoleer.


  • XP per vote increased to 1200 up from 300.
  • Voting updates every 2 weeks.
  • Cities updates every 1 week.
  • Clone Lab specialization moved from x2xx to x3xx.


  • The distance on the Area Track Ranger ability has been increased from 512m to 2048m

Squad Leader

  • Range limit added. The Squad Leader now must be no farther than 128m from group members for the group members to receive the buffs.


  • The Wookiee Sage’s Hood and Wookiee’s Sigiled Waist Wrap have had their resource requirements slightly modified to include Reinforced Fiber Panels.


  • 1 Account per person.
  • 5 characters on an account.
  • 3 online at once on same account.

Player Cities

  • Lowered all city requirement numbers to adjust for population.
  • The Stronghold Specialization has been removed.
  • Added two new dual spec city specializations, ‘Scientific Society’ & ‘Industrial Society’ at the master Politician box. Both cost 150k Credits per week to maintain.
  • Cities will now rank up each week instead of every 3 weeks.


  • Factory crate stack sizes increased to 1000.
  • Crafting wait timer after crafting an item dropped down to one second in all scenarios.
  • Factory speeds sped up from *8 to *2.

Dungeons & Loot

  • Named color crystals added into loot tables.
  • Jedi Accuracy tapes added to loot drops.
  • Custom bunker with custom NPCs added on Lok. Nightsister difficulty and drop high level tapes. Full credit to Terminator2014 for the bunker building itself.
  • Super Battle Droids in the Corellian Corvette have a chance to drop CL 300 clothing & armor attachments.
  • Increased combat level of Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids in the Death Watch Bunker to 300.
  • Clothing and armor attachments are now potential drops on Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids in the Death Watch Bunker.
  • All Krayts except Juvenile and Canyon will now drop an item 100% of the time.
  • Juvenile and Canyon Krayts have had their chance for loot to drop increased by 13%
  • Black Sun Razor Knuckler schematic added onto Black Sun mobs in the Death Watch Bunker.
  • Slightly increased tape drop rate on Dark Jedi Knights and Dark Jedi Masters.

Galactic Civil War & Factions

  • The Special Forces/Combatant PvP declaring system has been replaced with the classic Covert and Overt PvP system with TEF flags in place.
  • Rebels can purchase an ATXT pet from any rebel faction recruiter. This pet has the same stats as an AT-ST and allows for Rebels to run solo groups more easily.
  • AT-XT added to rebel bases and patrols. This mirrors the same Imperial bases that use AT-STs.
  • Covert scanner added onto bases in place of one minefield. This will trigger any covert player into overt when they walk within range.
  • Added new GCW Reward Terminals that players can spend a new XP currency acquired from PvP kills on for boss loot rolls.
  • Brand new profession ‘Demolition Specialist’. This profession is used to acquire the skills needed to base bust.
  • UI changes to match our Covert/Overt system.
  • Faction base turret changes. Less DMG overall, more health and resistant changes to make each turret type more unique.
  • Server wide message when an Imperial player kills a Rebel player and vice versa.
  • Server wide message during base destruction countdown and explosion.
  • Server wide message when a player Bounty Hunter kills a player Jedi and vice versa.
  • Faction bases are now vulnerable every 11 hours.


  • Anti Decay Kit removed.
  • 30k Resource Deed removed.
  • Self powered harvester removed.
  • Reclaiming a Flash Speeder costs 50k credits up from 20k.
  • Veteran Rewards are achieved once every thirty days.
  • Bomb Droids no longer require a Novice Smuggler to detonate them.
  • All vehicles (excluding starter X31 and Flash Speeder) match the BARC speeder. Crafting requirements have also been made equal.
  • New item added. The Skill Enhancement Attachment Removal tool can be crafted by master tailors and used to remove SEAs from clothing and armor. Full credit to Infinity for sharing their work on this tool.
  • New item added. Nano Head Covering is a new socketable hat craftable by Master Tailors. This hat is invisible in appearance.
  • Clothing will now break and be unequippable once it reaches 0 condition.
  • Skirts can now be fully taped like all other pieces of clothing.


  • Squill Cave spawn rate increased to 15 minutes up from 5 minutes.
  • Axkva Min’s force power attacks have been reduced in damage slightly.

Quality of Life

  • Mission drop down menu now displays more missions.
  • The mission drop down tab will now display what the lair type is without having to examine it.
  • Bounty Hunter Terminals now display the level of the mission in the name.
  • House item limit increased to 250 items per lot.
  • Wait time on Shuttleports removed. Starport timers lowered to thirty seconds.
  • Starport Shuttles have had their length of time on the ground increased.
  • Clothing and Armor attachments now display the stat on the item name itself.
  • You can now invite to group from any distance.
  • Group size limit increased from 20 to 50.

Weapons (non profession specific changes).

  • Heavy Weapons can now use the abilities Fast Blast, Underhand Shot and Confusion Shot
  • Added weapon certifications on the correct profession boxes for all weapons that didn’t have one (DE-10, Berserker Rifle etc).


  • XP Rates adjusted to 2.5x XP for combat and 5x for crafting. Jedi is x1 and default.
  • New characters start with 10000 Credits up from 1000
  • Training costs lowered by 50%
  • Enhancement Terminals at every Starport. These offer cheap basic buffs or stronger expensive buffs. Both buffs are still weaker than player Doctor and Entertainer buffs.
  • Server wide welcome message to any new character that logs into the server for the first time.
  • New player mail has been modified to fit to Aftermath.
  • Items on a Vendor will now expire after 120 days up from 30 days.