Upcoming Content

Below will be a regularly updated list of what we are currently working on for Aftermath. We have created this page so players can get an idea of what is coming in the near future.

Mandalorian Armor Buffs/Changes

Currently, Mandalorian armor is completely default to Pre-CU SWG and until these changes go live, any Mandalorian armor created will stay as the default values and requirements.

With our changes coming to the armor in the future, we are looking at changing the resistance percentage numbers and making the armor set exclusive to Master Bounty Hunters. We’re still undecided on how much we will change the resist numbers and we’ve had discussions about a few ideas, including built in Lightsaber resistance. We will continue to update players on our Upcoming Content section as we move towards completion of the changes.

Master Bounty Hunters Buffs/Changes

We are working on some changes to the Master Bounty Hunter Box. We want the MBH box to be more appealing to players looking to be a Bounty Hunter. The current common route is to just take the 3 investigation boxes and spend all points elsewhere.

With the changes we make we want to gradually improve MBH and BH in general to make it slightly stronger overall and a more viable choice.

Note: All content listed above is subject to change during the ongoing development process.