Things to Know

Here are a few things that all players on Aftermath should know. With these small tips, you should be able to get an easier and more comfortable start on the server. If you have any questions make sure to ask in Discord or in game.

  • We have a 1 account per IP limit – On Aftermath we run a 1 account per IP limit. If you want a family member or roommate on the same IP to also have an account you must get permission from one of the admins first. If permission is not given and our audit tracker finds extra unwarranted accounts, you run the risk of all accounts being deactivated. The reason we run a 1 account per IP limit is to maintain fairness for all players and for the servers overall health and longevity.

  • Discord is our communications hub – Unlike most servers where forums are the main area for communications, here on Aftermath we use our Discord server for all of our communication. Our website is more of an information hub that players can utilise to learn about our server. If you’re new to Aftermath I highly recommend joining the Discord and being part of the community. You can also join in via the in game General chat tab as our Discord chat and in game chat are linked! (credit to Progor at Relics of Corbantis).

Player City Jedha on Naboo
  • Player Cities are where players reside – If you log in and wonder why some of the usual popular city spots (Coronet or Mos Eisley for example) are quiet, that’s because our players make more use of the player cities. Make sure to check your map when you log in for the first time and visit some of the player cities you see! You can also ask in Discord or in game which the current active ones are.

How to use Vendor Search
  • When using a Bazaar, use Vendor Search – If you happen to use one of the Bazaar terminals, make sure you select the tab in the top left labelled ‘Vendor Search’ and also enable the tab ‘Entire Galaxy’. This will look for every registered player placed vendor in the galaxy and it is the best way to see who is selling what. If you are a vendor owner and cannot see your vendor sales on the bazaar terminal, make sure you have ‘Vendor Search’ enabled. You can enable vendor search via the radial menu of your vendor NPC.

Enhancement Terminal
Enhancement Terminal
  • Make Use of the Enhancement Terminals – Outside every Starport are ‘Enhancement Terminals’. These terminals will give you a small buff for a small fee and are perfect for new players looking for a little extra boost as they work on their templates. You can also use the terminals to remove any buffs you have. All Enhancement Terminals look identical, so you will know when you see one.

  • Read up on our specific server changes – While our main goal is to retain the core of vanilla Pre-CU, that doesn’t mean we haven’t made changes. Aftermath has many minor and major changes that give Pre-CU a more balanced and overall healthier feel. This website has all the information you need to learn about all of our changes and custom additions.