Same IP Account Request

Same IP Account requests are for players to request a second account for someone playing on Aftermath under the same IP as them. On Aftermath we only allow one account per player for balance reasons. That being said, we have this system in place for families or roommates wanting to play together. You must get permission before using the second account.

When wanting to make a request you will need to utilise our Discord server and send a private message to either Dirtnose, Cesta, Toad or Bastrd giving your account name, the new account name and the reason for wanting an extra account. You will be notified via a reply when your account has been granted or declined.

Under no circumstances will we grant anyone a second account for themselves. This system is only for a different person wanting to play under the same IP address. As per our rules, if you are caught lying to us trying to get a second account to benefit yourself the account will be deleted and the main account will also face punishment. We take a strict stance on this to ensure fairness to everyone and for health of the server. We do keep track of this.