• Aftermath allows 1 account per person with up to 6 characters on the account. 3 characters can be logged in at a time from the account. If more than one person will be playing from the same IP address, approval from Aftermath Staff MUST be given prior to account/character creation.

• Aftermath staff will not assist members that share their account information with friends, roommates or relatives. If you share account info, you assume all risks associated with this action and Aftermath staff will not reimburse items lost.

• Players found to be violating the one account per person rule will face harsh punishments. These actions may result in item, player and account deletion as well as suspension or permanent ban of said accounts. Multiple account requests will be heavily scrutinized and monitored. If players are found to be abusing the multiple account requests to play pure support roles (e.g Buffers/sample bots) then these accounts will face the above actions. Aftermath account/character limitations are in place to provide enough variety in skill availability without one person being 100% self sufficient.


• Names of characters, items, structures, guilds, etc must not be profane, offensive or impersonations of admins. Violations of this policy, including play on words to get around the full vulgar word in question will have their character/guild/structure renamed to a randomly generated name. If you’re questioning if the name is allowed, then chances are it is not. Do not run the risk.

• In-game exploits and use of hacking programs such as “Sith Holocron” or other cheat programs are strictly prohibited. If you encounter an exploit please report it immediately. Violations of this policy will result in a permanent ban from Aftermath.

• Griefing or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated on Aftermath. We accept the general definition of griefing to be “actions which impact the enjoyment of the game by others”. This includes clone camping, kill stealing and abusive behaviour. Incidents of griefing/harassment will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Below will be a small summary of some of the more common forms of harassment and what is/isn’t allowed.

Clone Camping – Purposefully waiting outside or inside of a cloning facility to kill a recently killed player. If a player leaves the Cloning Facility and immediately initiate combat, then they forfeit their right to protection. This rule does NOT apply to Jedi (see below).

• Jedi on Aftermath have the option to clone at any Shrine available on the planet. We added this so Jedi could get away safely at any point when they die and so they are safe from being corpse/clone camped. Due to this, Jedi cannot be ‘clone camped’ in the same way as other non Jedi classes that are forced to clone at the nearest station or a station they stored cloning information at. If you die as a Jedi in PvP, then decide to clone at the nearest cloning facility then proceed to die again as soon as you leave the cloning facility that’s on you NOT the Staff. We will NOT look at harassment requests involving clone camping for Jedi unless it is genuine abuse/harassment. A player choosing to clone into danger when multiple safe options are presented is not harassment.

Kill Stealing – If a person or group of people are actively engaged on a creature/target, another group cannot come up and try to outdamage the starting group. There are two exceptions to this:

  1. Two (or more) groups are actively waiting for a spawn, all parties can compete for the kill, winner takes the loot.
  2. If the parties are PvP enabled (overt/Jedi), a second party/player can come up and kill the players, then take over the original target.

Corpse Camping – Corpse Camping is NOT the same as Clone Camping. Corpse Camping IS allowed and is NOT against our rules. Not allowing a Doctor to come up and resurrect a corpse is not a form of griefing or harassment on Aftermath. The corpse has the option to clone at a Cloning Facility or a Shrine if they are a Jedi.

• Due to Jedi TEF being implemented on the server, it is possible for a Jedi to abuse this to kill players who are not intending to engage in PvP (not killing GCW npcs and not attacking other players). If a Jedi is discovered to be engaging in this activity they risk having their Jedi character deleted.

• Players are not to purposely pull MOBs in any of the following manners:

  1. Pull a mob into a private structure in the hopes of avoiding PvP or a damage race.
  2. Pull an aggressive mob onto any player (AFK/ATK), enabling the mob to attack the disinterested party. If a person is trying to disengage from an aggressive mob or pulls aggro from one, they will make every effort to drive/run in a direction to avoid pulling onto disinterested parties.

• Fight clubbing is not allowed. This means intentionally allowing a player to kill you for monetary, experience or any other gain or allowing someone to kill you for monetary, experience or any other gain. This applies to any scenario involving all professions. Punishments will be very harsh if anyone is found to be exploiting this practice.


• Racist, hateful, offensive, or otherwise intolerant speech will not be tolerated. This includes in the PvP Channel in game and in Discord.

• No trash talking players in general. PvP talk in general should be kept to a minimum due to the tendency for it to devolve into trash talk and toxicity.

• Be respectful of the server and do not use in-game messages, Discord or mail to advertise other servers. Players advertising other servers will be permanently banned.

• Automatic macros need to be in ‘Auction’ chat tab and should be set to go off no more frequently than once per 15 minutes (900 seconds).

These rules may be amended as the server evolves.