Patch Notes

01/16/2018 Aftermath 2.4 Patch Notes

Professions: Bounty Hunter

  • [Added]Bounty Hunter Toughness has been added into the game and is a new stat that reduces the damage from lightsaber attacks. Currently the only box with this new stat is the master Bounty Hunter box and they receive +25 toughness. If you already have the master box learnt, you will need to unlearn and relearn the box to get the new increase on your stats.
  • [Added]Hunter’s Foresight is a new passive ability added onto the Master Bounty Hunter box. This ability allows the master Bounty Hunter to bypass an opposing Jedi’s saber block more frequently. If you already have the master box learnt, you will need to unlearn and relearn the box to get the new increase on your stats.

Professions: Entertainer

  • [Changed]Entertainer buffs now cap in length at 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Professions: Ranger

  • [Changed]The distance on the Area Track Ranger ability has been increased from 512m to 2048m.

Professions: Tailor

  • [Changed]The Wookiee Sage’s Hood and Wookiee’s Sigiled Waist Wrap have had their resource requirements slightly modified to include Reinforced Fiber Panels.

Galactic Civil War

  • [Changed]Faction base vulnerability is now more frequent. Bases now become vulnerable every 11 hours.


  • [Changed]The Light Lightning Cannon (Heavy Weapons) can now use the abilities Fast Blast, Underhand Shot and Confusion Shot.
  • [Added]Weapon certifications have been added for weapons that didn’t have them (DE-10, Berserker Rifle etc).

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]The Novice Jedi Padawan box now correctly grants the Novice Jedi Padawan title.
  • [Fixed]Specific mails and text files related to city voting now correctly reference the two week voting period.
  • [Fixed]Multiple SWGEmu stability and bug fixes.

12/14/2017 Aftermath 2.3.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Ranged attacks now made on a faction turret will correctly grant a TEF in all scenarios.

12/12/2017 Aftermath 2.3 Patch Notes

Professions: Armorsmith

  • [Changed]The Ithorian Defender armor set and advanced segment now matches Ithorian Sentinel/Composite armor in stat potential, special resistance and mat requirements.
  • [Changed]The Wookiee Hunting armor set and advanced segment now matches Composite armor in stat potential, special resistance and mat requirements.
  • [Changed]The Wookiee Black Mountain armor set and advanced segment now matches Composite armor in stat potential, special resistance and mat requirements.
  • [Changed]Chitin Armor now requires Dantooine Scaley Hide instead of Talus Scaley Hide.
  • [Changed]Resource amount requirements for Bone, Padded, Ubese, Chitin and Mabari have been modified to be equal to the amount Composite armor requires. Mabari and Ubese have had some pieces increased in cost to make up for lack of bracers/biceps.

Professions: Carbineer

  • [Changed]Increased Carbine Accuracy gained from the Master Carbineer box from +20 to +45. If you already have the master box learnt, you will need to unlearn and relearn the box to get the new increase on your stats.

Rogue Force Wielding Nym’s Bunker

  • [Changed]Replaced some of the Initiates enemy types with Protectors.


  • [Changed]Removed Holocrons from the Dark Jedi Knight & Dark Jedi Master loot tables.
  • [Changed]Slightly increased the drop rate on tapes from Dark Jedi Knights and Dark Jedi Masters.


  • [Changed]Factory Speeds have been doubled (sped up) from *4 to *2.


  • [Changed]The Speederbike, Swoop, X34, Jetpack and AV-21 have had their speed, acceleration and terrain negotiation modified to match the BARC speeder. This allows players to use whatever vehicle is their favourite without hindrance. The crafting requirements for the craftable vehicles have been modified to match the BARC speeder. The X31 starter vehicle will remain default. Please note. You will need to use a new deed if you have any of the above vehicles as old vehicles will not work. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Bug with pet stims not working.
  • [Fixed]Issue with TEF not allowing a non Jedi Covert player to attack an Overt player.
  • [Fixed]During the Architect Padawan Trial the Gungan NPC will no longer attack you if you have negative Gungan faction.
  • [Fixed]Various SWGEmu stability and bug fixes.

11/28/2017 Aftermath 2.2.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Death Watch Bunker

  • [Changed]Increased combat level of Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids in the Death Watch Bunker to 300.
  • [Added]Clothing and armor attachments as potential drops to Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids in the Death Watch Bunker.

11/20/2017 Aftermath 2.2.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed]The Avoid Incapacitation skill has been modified. The effect now lasts 45 seconds up from 30 seconds. Has a 30 second cooldown (after the effect has ended) and now costs 50% more Force.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Neutrals can no longer attack faction base turrets.

11/17/2017 Aftermath 2.2 Patch Notes

Professions: Armorsmith

  • [Changed]The Advanced Armorweave, Bone, Ubese, Chitin & Padded armor segments now have exactly the same material requirements as the Composite Advanced Segment.

As mentioned in our Discord, this change is part of an on-going process to improve our custom armor system. With this change, Armorsmiths should have an easier time making multiple armor sets, while also retaining the unique mat requirements for the armor itself.

Professions: Politician

  • [Changed]Doubled XP per vote from 600xp to 1200xp
  • [Changed]City Elections now update every 2 weeks, up from 1 week.


  • [Added]New dungeon on Lok. The Rogue Force Wielding Nym’s Bunker is a new dungeon designed for higher end combat (Nightsister difficulty level). Inside are custom mobs that drop high combat level tapes. The waypoint can be found in the POI section of your datapad or via the Planetary Map.

Full credit to Terminator2014 for the Bunker building itself.

Galactic Civil War

  • [Changed]Faction Base Turrets have been heavily modified to be more unique and rewarding to eliminate. The changes include: Reduced overall damage, changes to resistances of each turret and HP increases. Please note, this will only take effect on bases placed after the update.
  • [Added]A server wide system message will be displayed during a faction base detonation countdown and explosion.


  • [Added]Enhancement Terminals now have an extra buff option. The ‘expensive’ buff option provides an additional buff choice alongside the weaker buffs we’ve had since we launched. These buffs are much stronger than the cheap buffs, but are still weaker than buffs from player Doctors and Entertainers. If you already have buffs when using the terminal, the terminal will not give you any new buffs but will still charge you credits, so make sure to remove your old buffs first before doing anything.
  • [Changed]Reduced cost of cheap buffs from 4000 credits to 2000 credits.

We wanted to player buffs to still be the absolute best, but we wanted to provide an option for players if no buffs are available on the server. Nothing is worse than logging in and not being able to get buffed up and play. That being said, these buffs are very expensive and still worse than the player buffs by quite a big margin, so they are not ideal if player buffs are available to you.

Bug Fixes

[Added]Multiple SWGEmu stability and bug fixes.

11/07/2017 Aftermath 2.1.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Bio-Engineer

  • [Changed]Increased the ‘Bio-Engineer Experimentation’ skill in the Master box from +25 to +125. If you already have the master box learnt, you will need to unlearn and relearn the box to get the new increase on your stats.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed][SWGEmu] The Aurilian Plant will now be able to go above ‘Very Fast’ growth.
  • [Fixed][SWGEmu] Deleted players will now be removed as admins from houses.
  • [Fixed]Latest SWGEmu stability & bug fixes.

10/31/2017 Aftermath 2.1.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Entertainer

  • [Changed]Slightly lowered the action cost of all flourishes. This will allow Alien races to be able to buff without running out of Action.

Professions: Image Designer

  • [Changed]Anyone can now stat migrate anywhere regardless of profession. You cannot stat migrate while in combat.

Notes: We made this change so players weren’t forced to wait for the handful of IDs to log on to stat migrate them. ID still holds value as they can change appearance and give unique emotes.

Galactic Civil War

  • [Changed]Lowered the range of the Covert Scanner on bases to 58m down from 65m.

10/24/2017 Aftermath 2.1 Patch Notes

Professions: Armorsmith

  • [Changed]Doubled the durability potential of all Personal Shield Generators.

Professions: Carbineer

  • [Changed]The DXR6 Carbine now has heavy armor piercing (this will only work on DXR6 carbines crafted after this patch, we apologize for the inconvenience).
  • [Changed]Scattershot 1 & 2 now mimic Fast Blasts damage, speed and target pools. Scattershot 1 is weaker than Scattershot 2.


  • [Added]Black Sun Razor Knuckler schematic onto Blacksun MOBs in the Death Watch Bunker. The Razor Knuckler is a weapon for Teras Kasi players that does heat damage. The certification for the weapon is unlocked at the same time as the basic Vibro Knuckler.

Corellian Corvette

  • [Added]Super Battle Droids in the Corellian Corvette will now drop CL 300 clothing and armor attachments.


  • [Fixed]SWGEmu stability and misc bug fixes

10/10/2017 Aftermath 2.0.06 Hotfix Patch Notes


  • [Changed] XP Rates are now slightly increased. Combat is now 2.5x up from 1.5x and Crafting is 5x up from 3x. Jedi remains 1x.

10/04/2017 Aftermath 2.0.05 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Holocrons no longer restore a Jedi’s force bar.
  • [Fixed]Pets can now be healed by a player Medic with regular stims.
  • [Fixed]New characters will no longer have their credits reverted to 0.

09/26/2017 Aftermath 2.0.04 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]The requirements for glowy are no longer default and now match our original requirements.

09/15/2017 Aftermath 2.0.03 Hotfix Patch Notes

Galactic Civil War

  • [Changed]Increased the roll cost on all GCW Reward Terminals to 4000 up from 2000.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Jedi players on the Bounty Hunter terminals will now have the correct credit amount for their mission relative to their skill.
  • [Fixed]Players will no longer keep a TEF after dying and cloning to a base turret.
  • [Fixed]The player group cap size is now correctly set to 50.

09/13/2017 Aftermath 2.0.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Profession: Jedi

  • [Changed]Force Run 2 has been removed
  • [Changed]The terrain negotiation of Force Run 1 has been increased to 66 up from 33.


  • [Changed]Bomb Droids no longer require a Novice Smuggler to detonate. A Novice Bounty Hunter is still required.

09/08/2017 Aftermath 2.0.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Issue fixed with faction NPC’s sometimes not correctly identifying coverts
  • [Fixed]Fixed a few bugs with Village
  • [Fixed]Disabled Auto-account registration

09/08/2017 Aftermath 2.0 Publish 9 Merge Patch Notes


  • [Merged]Publish 9 Merge. Aftermath is now on the latest version of Core3 and Publish 9. This includes all stable additions made when Publish 9 was added onto Basilisk. The only exception to this rule is the change “Pets and vehicles can no longer be stored while their owner is in combat or dead”. This change was reverted by us and will not be implemented. For a full list of Publish 9’s additions check the full Publish 9 patch notes on the SWGEmu website.

Professions: Armorsmith

  • [Changed]Tantel armor has been reverted back to its default state.

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed]Jedi Initiate box name changed to ‘Novice Jedi Padawan’ to allow a more natural progression after Padawan Trials completion. The box description has also been changed to match the new name.
  • [Changed]Unlock system is now based on the glowy/village system. Players can use /check in game to see how far they are along to Glowy. It will be up to players to work out how to achieve this. After that you will move onto the village and Padawan trials. Aftermath uses 10 day village phases and modified XP conversion rates.

Professions: Combat Medic

  • [Changed]Combat Medic XP caps are now increased and double the XP of the box requirement.


  • [Changed]The Stronghold city specialization is now removed. The Clone Lab specialization has been moved to x3xx Politician to replace it.

Galactic Civil War

  • [Added]Brand new profession ‘Demolition Specialist’. This profession is used to acquire the skills needed to base bust. The old professions needed (Smuggler, Bounty Hunter etc) are no longer needed. Players can learn novice and ONE other box from the 1111 line. Any box above the 1111 line is currently unobtainable. Each box gives the ability to bypass one terminal in a faction base. Each box costs Combat XP and has no cost on Credits or Skill Points. For all the information on this system including trainer locations, please check the relevant news article on the Aftermath website.


  • [Changed]Brand new TEF logic and coding across the board. This was done from scratch again. It should be less buggy and cleaner than before.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Post Publish 9 Jedi Abilities (Lightsaber, Defender etc) no longer appear on the XP tracker.
  • [Fixed]Issue fixed where Trainer would sometimes say the wrong amount of credits needed to train a skill.
  • [Fixed]The Scientific Society city specialization now correctly enhances buffs.


  • [Added]New server side welcome message when a new character joins the server for the first time.
  • [Changed]New player mail now has a different message with more relevant information regarding Aftermath.
  • [Changed]Buffs from the Enhancement terminal now cost 4000 credits, up from 1000 credits.
  • [Changed]Items on a Vendor will now expire after 120 days up from 30 days.

08/28/2017 Aftermath 1.2.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Galactic Civil War

  • [Changed]Parts of the UI and Faction recruiters will now correctly use Covert/Overt instead of Combatant/Special Forces to keep in line with our PvP/GCW system.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Combat Medics will now correctly gain a Jedi TEF after attacking a Jedi with Poisons or Diseases.

08/08/2017 Aftermath 1.2.01 Hotfix Patch Notes


  • [Changed]Players can no longer see the ‘DEBUG’ option on the radial menu of the Aurilian Plant.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]The SKYNET message for when a neutral player is killed by a faction player no longer displays incorrectly.

08/03/2017 Aftermath 1.2 Patch Notes

Galactic Civil War

  • [Added]GCW Reward Terminals are now available. These new terminals are placed in Coronet, Mos Eisley, Theed and The Dantooine Mining Outpost. While your faction controls the specific planet with each terminal on, you can spend a new XP type we have added for each faction. ‘GCW Faction Currency’ on boss rolls. This new XP is acquired by getting deathblow kills on enemy faction players in PvP combat. For more information on the new system, please see our latest news post.
  • [Added]Server wide Skynet messages now appear when a player is killed by another player of the opposite faction during GCW PvP.


  • [Changed]Players holding ranged weapons no longer give an enemy melee player attacking them extra accuracy.

07/21/2017 Aftermath 1.1.08 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed] [Nova Patch] Force healing refactored, now based on how much is healed and what negative effects are removed.
  • [Changed] [Nova Patch] Jedi will no longer do less damage to LS vulnerable creatures/npcs once their armor is broken.

NPCs – Axkva Min

  • [Changed] [Nova Patch] Axkva Min will now spawn guards (NS Protectors) when attacked.

Veteran Rewards

  • [Changed] Flash speeder replacement will now cost 50k credits up from 20k.

Server Stability

  • [Fixed] Stability patch as well as engine upgrades completed to help resolve server crashes.

07/16/2017 Aftermath 1.1.07 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed] Jedi XP loss upon cloning has been increased to 15% of their highest box cap up from 10%.
  • [Changed] Jedi XP loss upon death to a Bounty Hunter with their mission up to 2.5x XP from 2x XP.
  • [Changed] Increased Jedi XP loss from Bounty Hunter deaths to 600k cap up from 500k.
  • [Changed] Significantly Lowered XP requirements for Lightsaber branch boxes in Padawan tree.
  • [Changed] Jedi XP loss capped at 1million XP.

Professions: Bounty Hunter

  • [Changed] Increased minimum credit payout for player Jedi missions to 60k up from 25k.

07/07/2017 Aftermath 1.1.06 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Added] Jedi Masters and Dark Jedi Masters can now acquire the ‘Jedi Robe’ and ‘Dark Jedi Robe’ by meditating at a Shrine. Which robe you receive is dependent on if you chose the dark or light side Jedi trees after the Padawan box.

07/04/2017 Aftermath 1.1.05 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed]Increased XP requirements for all boxes in the Jedi Master tree to the following:
  • Guardian: 5m
  • 1111: 1m
  • 2222: 2m
  • 3333: 3m
  • 4444: 4m
  • Master: 7m
  • [Changed]Force Absorb 1 & 2 can no longer be used at the same time as Avoid Incapacitation.


  • [Changed]The spawn rate in the Squill cave has been increased to 15 minutes up from 5 minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Findfriend now correctly requires both players to be on each others friends list.
  • [Fixed]Force Channel no longer stacks longer than 3 minutes.
  • [Fixed]Synthsteak now correctly mitigates damage.

06/30/2017 Aftermath 1.1.04 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Added]Jedi now have the option to clone at any Jedi Shrine for the planet they are on if they die. The Dark and Light Jedi Enclaves on Yavin 4 are also an option for FRS enabled Jedi.

Professions: Politician

  • [Changed]Increased amount of XP per vote from 300 to 600.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed]Shipwright now correctly gives 3x XP.
  • [Fixed]Jedi cap amounts for Knight and Guardian boxes.
  • [Fixed]Stability and Crash fixes/improvements

06/27/2017 Aftermath 1.1.03 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi

  • [Changed] The default auto attack ability now grants Jedi visibility in the same way as any regular Lightsaber based attack.
  • [Changed] Jedi visibility range has now increased from 32m to 70m

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Jedi can now hit back properly on a neutral or same faction target that has attacked them.
  • [Fixed]2H Phantom Strike is now correctly working as an AOE attack.
  • [Fixed]Numerous TEF tweaks & fixes.
  • [Fixed]Server stability tweaks & fixes.

06/10/2017 Aftermath 1.1.02 Hotfix Patch Notes


  • [Added] Jedi Accuracy clothing and armor attachments to loot drops.


  • [Added] Level display to Bounty Hunter mission titles.

05/30/2017 Aftermath 1.1.01 Hotfix Patch Notes


  • [Added] Yaw, Pitch and Roll commands in to help with decorating

05/27/2017 Aftermath 1.1 Patch Notes

Professions: Creature Handler

  • [Changed] Increased Creature Handler XP caps so they are 2x the box XP requirement.

Professions: Entertainer

  • [Changed] Increased duration cap on Entertainer buffs to 3h10m.


  • [Added] Two new dual spec city specializations, ‘Scientific Society’ & ‘Industrial Society’ at the master Politician box. Both cost 150k Credits per week to maintain.
  • [Changed] The Stronghold specialization now gives 50 accuracy. It no longer gives any defense bonus.
  • [Changed] Cities will now rank up each week instead of every 3 weeks.
  • [Changed] Starport Shuttles will now stay down on the ground for longer before leaving. Shuttleports are unchanged.

04/30/2017 Aftermath 1.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fix] Null player object on faction object that was causing crashes.

04/24/2017 Aftermath 1.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Entertainer

  • [Reverted] Flourish action cost back to default to help with action burning. This also applies to Musician and Dancer.


  • [Added] Mission names and CL now display on the title of the mission.


  • [Changed] Character creation time limit lowered from one hour to twenty minutes.


  • [Changed] Resource stacks increased from 100k to 10 million.


  • [Changed] XP while in a group will no longer split based upon damage. All grouped players will receive full XP as long as they have damaged the target at least once.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] a bug in regards to newly created characters not being able to heal if they hadn’t died yet.
  • [Fixed] The Armor Upgrade Kit schematic is now correctly granted at Novice Armorsmith.