Aftermath Staff Positions Available

Hey Aftermath players. We just wanted to let everybody know, that we’re currently recruiting for multiple positions on our staff. You can check out our Staff Openings page or the announcements section in our discord. If you’re interested, please fill out the application provided. Thanks everyone.

3v3 PvP Tournament With Prizes Announced!

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce that we have an upcoming 3v3 PvP tournament including prizes to winners. The tournament will be held August 20-24 with multiple brackets of entry. Due to the detailed nature of the event and its rules, you will need to check full details on the Aftermath Discord or by clicking the headline above. We hope to see all of you there and best of luck to everyone!

EDIT: This has been delayed for now.

Painting Silent Auction Has Begun!

The silent auction for paintings that was talked about last month as now begun on the Aftermath discord! 15 paintings are up for auction and you can bid by messaging Renik directly. The auctions all end on Sunday the 15th of July at 10pm EST. For full rules and details please check the events section in the Aftermath discord.

Good luck to all bidders! Remember, only 2 of each painting will be sold, so this is your only chance to get one!

Painting Winner Announced!

For the past few weeks we’ve been running a painting competition. We are pleased to announce the winner is Varok with his painting above! This painting will now be added as an in game painting on Aftermath in the next content update. Congratulations Varok and thanks to all who voted!

A small reminder as well, we will be running the silent auction mentioned a month or so back this coming week. Keep an eye on the Aftermath discord for more details.

Painting Finalists Announced – Vote for Your Winner!

Hey everyone. A few weeks ago we announced a painting competition where players could submit images that may make it into Aftermath as new paintings. We are pleased to announce that the winning paintings have been chosen. The vote now goes to you, the players. Each player can rate each painting out of 10. The winning painting will make it into the game as a painting. Players have until June 19th to submit their ratings. To see each painting please check the Events section in the Aftermath discord.

Submit Your Painting for Auction and you may be Chosen!

Hey everyone! We’re currently running a small event, where players can submit any Star Wars related image to be implemented as a painting on Aftermath. Everyone has until Monday June 4th to submit their paintings. You can submit two separate paintings. For full details please check the events tab in our Discord.

Capture the Flag Event Inbound

Aftermath will be hosting a Capture the Flag event this Saturday (May 19th, 9:15 EST). The event will take place in Dearic on Talus. For full information on the event, please read the announcement in our Discord or in the full news post. We hope to see you all there!

Aftermath Upcoming May 4th Event 

Hey all. Just a quick announcement that we will be hosting a May 4th PvE event on Friday May 4th (9:30 EST), and Sunday May 6th (10:00 EST). We hope to see everyone who can make it there! It should be a fun time.

New Housing Showcase Now Open on Corellia Island!

Since the implementation of the 3.0.0 patch and CU/NGE Housing, we’ve had multiple requests for some way to preview the new housing. We’re happy to announce that all 3 current houses being sold are now on display on Corellia on the island to the west of Coronet (-2109, -4614). All 3 are open and can be fully explored, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Aftermath Needs Your Help! – Events Survey

Hey everybody! We’re looking for as many players as possible to take 5 minutes our of their time to fill in our Aftermath Events survey. To anyone who takes the survey, thanks for your time! With the results we can determine the best days and times to run events on Aftermath. You can take the survey via the following link:

Breaking News: Mos Eisley Successfully Defended!

A group of Tusken Raiders invaded Mos Eisley last night. The Rebel and Imperial forces put aside their differences and after a fierce battle repelled the invaders, liberating the city of its occupiers. The Tuskens suffered heavy losses, including some of the key members of its defense force. Each of the defenders received the Defender of Mos Eisley badge for their defense of the city.

Happy Easter From Aftermath!

From everyone at Aftermath we wish all of you a very happy Easter! Make sure to keep an eye out for any unusual Easter sightings throughout the day!

Double XP Weekend Extended- Ends March 26th – Extra Crafting Boost!

Hey everyone! Just a follow up to our previous double XP post. As thanks to everyone who has voted us to the number 1 spot on TopG we will be extending our double XP until Monday March 26th! Thank you to everyone who has voted! The rates will be as follows:

Combat: 5x

Crafting: 7x

Jedi: 1x (default).

We decided to bump crafting up to 7x up from 6x so the boost is more significant. We hope all crafters grinding enjoy the extra boost and thanks to everyone who spends and enjoys their time on Aftermath.

Looking to Join a Guild? Check out the Guild Directory!

Are you looking to join a guild on Aftermath? If you are, make sure to check out the Guild Directory on our website! Each guild that is recruiting is linked with some basic information including faction, who to contact and city location. Each leader can be contacted through our Discord or in game.

Happy Valentines! – Upcoming Double XP Weekend

Happy Valentines everyone! We will be running double XP starting on Wednesday the 14th February at 8:30 AM EST, and ending on Monday the 19th February at 8:30AM EST.

The XP Rates will be as follows:

Combat: 5x

Crafting: 6x

Jedi: 1x (default)

We hope the XP boost is useful to you! May the Force be with you.

SWGEmu Mods Showcase

Something that a lot of players don’t take the time to check out are some of the fantastic player made mods for SWGEmu. These can range from planet reworks to model changes. Today I’m going to share some of my personal favourite mods. All of these can be found on either ModTheGalaxy,  EQSanctum or the SWGEmu forums. Full credit for each mod goes to the creator (click the headline to read the full article).

Happy New Year! – 2017 Roundup – 2018 and Beyond

From all the staff at Aftermath, we’d like to wish all of our players a Happy New Year! With 2017 ending, We wanted to go over a few specific areas of discussion in regards to the new year moving forward and Aftermath as a whole (click the headline to read the full article).

Happy Holidays!

From everyone at Aftermath, we wish you all a Happy Holidays! We hope everyone has a great time.

Life Day is Here!

With the month of December comes Life Day in Star Wars Galaxies! Life Day is a Wookiee celebrated holiday that takes place on Kashyyyk. However, Life Day celebrants have made their way across the Galaxy eager to share their knowledge of Life Day. Should you take up their teachings you may be rewarded with a unique Life Day gift!

The Winter Season Has Come to Aftermath – Upcoming Double XP!

All of us at Aftermath want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope everyone has a great time. Corellia and Naboo are now winter themed (credit to Timbab from ModtheGalaxy) and we will be running extended double XP beginning on Friday 22nd December and ending Monday January 1st.

Combat: 5x

Crafting: 6x

Jedi: 1x (default)

The Empire Pushes Towards Full Control of Tatooine

A big recruitment push and strong determination in the Galactic Empire has resulted in majority Galaxy control. The Empire is pushing towards full control of Tatooine and with control, surely comes victory? Will the Rebellion be unable to fight back? Only time will tell. Join the fight for either side today at your local recruiter!

The Empire is Recruiting!

The Empire is recruiting new members. Anyone loyal to the Imperial regime is to seek out one of the many stationed Imperial recruiters and join today. Help keep the Galaxy at order and at peace!

Happy Thanksgiving! – Upcoming Double XP Weekend

We would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at Aftermath! In celebration we will be running a week long double/increased XP event with the following rates:

Combat: 5x

Crafting: 6x

Jedi: 1x (default)

Upcoming Double Faction Points Event

This upcoming weekend we will be running our very first double faction points weekend! This will double any faction points gained or lost during the event weekend. The event will begin on Friday the 17th of November at 8:30AM EST and end on Monday the 20th of November at 8:30AM EST.

What’s Coming in the Near Future?

We have some exciting changes coming to Aftermath in the future and we wanted to update players on what these changes & additions will be. We have decided to highlight three specific ideas that we are currently working on next (two of these have now been implemented).

Happy Halloween! – Upcoming Week Long Double XP Event

We would like to wish a Happy Halloween to everyone here at Aftermath! In celebration we will be running a week long double/increased XP event with the following rates:

Combat: 5x

Crafting: 6x

Jedi: 1x (default)

The Rebellion Wants YOU!

The Rebellion is in need of new recruits, soldiers and guilds. The Rebellion are actively searching for anyone who believes in their cause of wanting to take down the oppressive Galactic Empire and restore peace to the Galaxy. You are their only hope, Enlist today!

Aftermath’s New Website is now Live!

Man Cheering

Aftermath has moved to WordPress! Our website now features a much more up to date design as well as much more information about Aftermath that our players can utilise.