Aftermath Jedi System

We know that some players will be interested in playing a Jedi character on Aftermath, so we want to overview our custom Jedi system and also provide some basic information to help players understand our changes.

Before I proceed. Lightsaber crafting and resource requirements are all default and the same as vanilla Pre-CU.

The Lightsaber TEF

Jedi on Aftermath will have to deal with a Lightsaber TEF (Temporary Enemy Flag). What does this mean? Basically, whenever as a Jedi you use a Jedi attack (any attack involving your Lightsaber) or use a force power (defensive or offensive) you will gain a hidden sixty second long TEF. This TEF makes you attackable to anyone on the server except for anyone you are grouped with. You will also gain a hidden TEF while your Lightsaber is equipped, however as long as you don’t use a special attack or force power you can unequip the Lightsaber and safely lose the TEF instantly.

If you are attacked by anyone while you have a Lightsaber TEF, your TEF will progress to a five minute long TEF. This is the TEF indicated by the flag on your HAM bar UI. The person who attacked you will also receive a TEF and be attackable by anyone. This includes Bounty Hunter’s who are hunting specific Jedi via Bounty Hunter missions. A simple way to think of this TEF is like a zombie infection. As more people attack and join the fight the TEF flag spreads to them.

We do want to note, that the cursor colors and icons for players affected by the TEF can be a bit wonky at times. We have spent many hours trying to fix it and we cannot eliminate all the issues with it due to the age of the games engine. So if you see someone who you think should have a LS or PvP TEF but they are not red, then attack them. The TEF’s will always work but the icon colours can sometimes be wrong so never trust them.

TEF Graph (right click and open in a new tab to get a better view)

Custom Pre Publish 9 Trees

On Aftermath Jedi do not utilise the normal Post Publish 9 Jedi tree choice (lightsaber, healer, defender, enhancement and powers). Instead, we use the Pre Publish 9 Tree system. With this system, every Jedi proceeds up the same tree path of:

Padawan -> Dark/Light Knight -> Dark/Light Master.
You can only be dark or light, and either faction can be dark or light.

Not only does this make balancing easier for us as every Jedi has the same toolset and skills, but it also truly feels like you’re progressing through the Jedi ranks as you grind your template up.

Our trees are custom made to include most of the Post 9 abilities and stats (SOE added a lot of new abilities when they revamped Jedi in publish 9). A fully templated Master will have every Jedi skill (bar the ones we have removed for balancing).

If you are not familiar with the Pre Publish 9 Jedi Tree. You can examine the live SWG version of it here. Please keep in mind, that while the base of the system is the same. The stats, skills and some boxes will be different due to our custom rework of it.

Jedi Balancing

While Jedi have extra abilities compared to vanilla, please keep in mind that this is a custom system unlike any other. We have spent many hours testing, discussing and balancing our Jedi. The overall goal was to have Jedi retain their alpha position but make sure they have obvious weaknesses and do not cast a shadow on the non Jedi classes. Non Jedi have an essential place on Aftermath and we will never leave them behind or in second place to Jedi.

A few of our balance changes to Jedi here include:

  • No ranged defense
  • No Jedi toughness
  • Removal of abilities including Force Run 3 & 2, Force feedback and Force resist states
  • A small increase to accuracy
  • AI and Absorb cannot be used at the same time

As stated on our homepage. We believe Aftermath has the most unique, dangerous and balanced Jedi system created. While they are strong, but they are absolutely still a beatable class and are not the be all and end all of Aftermath.

With our balance changes, the Pre9 tree system and the TEF system we are very happy with where Jedi are balance wise. This was a key goal of our server as if Jedi are not treated correctly it can completely ruin the balance and fairness for players. This will never be an issue here.

Jedi Visibility

We want players to know some basics of visibility just so players don’t go in 100% blind. The following will give you varying amounts of visibility when used in public near NPC’s or players. If you gain too much visibility you will be placed on the Bounty Hunter terminals and be able to be tracked by player Bounty Hunters.

  • Equipping and unequipping a Lightsaber
  • Using any move that costs Force
  • Using any Lightsaber based attack

We hope players enjoy the custom features we have here for Jedi and wish all of you the best of luck in your journeys! If you have any questions regarding our custom system, feel free to ask about it in Discord or in game.

Below is a video about our Jedi system. While the video is a few months old and a small amount of information is outdated, the base of the system is the same and can give you a visual idea of what the Jedi trees look like.

Full credit to Gospel for the video.