Unlocking Jedi

Aftermath utilises the ‘glowy’ and village system to unlock the mystery of the Jedi. You can follow the steps below to achieve glowy on your character and proceed to the village.

You can check your progress towards glowy at any point in game by using the command /check. Depending on your progress you will get a specific message:

1.You feel no connection with the Force.
2.You barely notice something different about yourself.
3.You feel a faint sense of the Force.
4.You feel the Force surge within you.
5.You feel a strong sense of the Force within you.
6.You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.


In order to gain access to the Village of Aurilia, you must first be visited by the Old Man, and in order to be eligible for this visit you must first unlock ‘glowy’ with a specific amount of badges.

The combination of badges you will need are:

  • 6 Profession Badges
  • 3 Content Badges
  • 3 Jedi POI Badges
  • 4 Difficult POI Badges
  • 25 Easy POI Badges

Content Badges are as follows:

  • Jabba’s Themepark
  • Nym’s Themepark
  • Rebel Themepark
  • Imperial Themepark
  • The Warren (2 badges, compassion and Imperial hero).
  • 9 Corvette Badges (3 for each faction. Rebel, Neutral and Imperial).

Jedi POI Badges are as follows:

  • Ben Kenobi’s House (Tatooine)
  • The Temple of Exar Kun (Yavin 4)
  • Jedi Temple Ruins (Dantooine)

Difficult POI Badges are as follows:

  • Ancient Krayt Dragon Skeleton (Tatooine)
  • Great Pit of Carkoon (Tatooine)
  • Fort Tusken Pool (Tatooine)
  • Krayt Graveyard (Tatooine)
  • Dathomir Sarlaac (Dathomir)

Every other POI Badge in the game is regarded as an Easy POI Badge.

The Old Man

After achieving glowy (inner glow message) you will eventually receive a visit from the Old Man. He will appear as a white dot on your map and will only visit you if you are outside of a city and in the wilderness. Speak with him and he will give you a Force Crystal to protect.

Eventually, some Sith Shadow NPCs will attack you and try to kill you. They appear as red dots on your map and like the Old Man, they will only attack you outside of a cities limits. You must kill these NPCs to protect the crystal. If you die, you will have to wait for the Old Man to revisit you to get another Force Crystal. Once you have killed the Sith Shadow NPCs loot their bodies for a waypoint datapad. This datapad will give you a new waypoint to another encampment with more Sith Shadows. Kill these new Sith Shadows and loot them for the ‘Mysterious Datapad’ item. Activate it and you will be given access and directions to the Village of Aurilia.

The final thing to mention is that we have modified the Force Sensitive XP conversion rates on Aftermath. Below is a picture of our new rates.

You must now work your way through the Village content to unlock your Jedi. A couple of things. On Aftermath we have 4 day village phases and you are only required to get 4 force sensitive branches. I highly recommend this excellent guide for a walkthrough and all information on the Village. We wish you the best of luck and may the Force be with you!