Guild Directory

Looking to join a guild? Here is a list of some of the guilds on Aftermath with information on each one. Each leader can be contacted in Discord if you have interest in joining any of them.


The Outer Rim

  • Faction: Rebel
  • City: Yarrock on Tatooine
  • Who to Contact?: Sirpok


Galactic Traders

  • Faction: Imperial
  • City: Avalon on Corellia and Avalonnis on Naboo
  • Who to Contact?: Keith


Janta Relocation Society

  • Faction: Rebel
  • City: FOB Firestone on Tatooine and Squillville on Tatooine
  • Who to Contact?: Chevy


Saviors of SWG

  • Faction: Rebel
  • City: Roshar on Naboo
  • Who to Contact?: Uthar


Vengeance of the Fallen

  • Faction: Imperial
  • City: Jedha on Naboo
  • Who to Contact?: Ragnar

If you would like your guild added, please send Dirtnose a message in Discord.