Demolition Specialist Profession (Base Busting Changes)

This page refers to our custom profession unique to Aftermath. The Demolition Specialist. This profession grants you the skills needed to ‘Base Bust’ (attack enemy faction player bases via usage of the bases terminals). Not sure what base busting is? Check this guide for vanilla SWG here. The changes we have made to the system will be outlined below.

We have changed the way you acquire the skills needed to base bust. On the vanilla system you needed a specific profession for each terminal (e.g. Bounty Hunter for Uplink terminal).

On Aftermath, no longer do you need a Smuggler, or a Bounty Hunter or a Bio-Engineer or any of the original professions needed to base bust. We have added a custom profession with its own trainer that players can learn to teach themselves the ability to base bust. The ‘Demolition Specialist’ is our new profession. This profession will teach you the ability to do each aspect of base busting. The boxes are trained with Combat XP and costs no skill points or credits to learn.

We decided to make this change as forcing players into these specific professions just to actively take down PvP faction bases felt forced and not needed. With our new system, a player can become a Demolition Specialist no matter what profession you play. This allows for full freedom for players to pick and choose what they want to be when attacking a base.

While the Demolition Specialist is a full 4×4 profession, currently players can ONLY learn Novice and ONE of the 1111 boxes. What does this mean? This means that everyone has access to novice and then players will have to make a choice of which box they want. The boxes above 1111 are currently unobtainable. Each accessible box gives the ability to use one base terminal:

Novice: Communications Jammer (Bounty Hunter/Uplink terminal).
1xxx: Security Hacker (Smuggler/Security terminal. Requires Molecular Clamps).
x1xx: Genetic Decrypter (Bio-Engineer/Override terminal).
xx1x: Power Disruptor (Commando/Power Regulator).
xxx1: Destruction Sequencer (Squad Leader/Primary terminal).

With this setup, everyone gets the ability to slice the the Uplink terminal and one other terminal of their choosing. If you have any of the first line of boxes, you will not be able to learn another one. if you want to learn a different box, you will have to drop your current one and then learn a different box. Jedi CANNOT learn any of the boxes, including novice. We limited it to one choice per player as we did not want people to solo base bust. We want to promote group base busting, as that’s what it should be.

You can find the new Demolition Specialist trainers in the following locations:

  • Tatooine, Mos Eisley: 3349 -4799
  • Tatooine, Mos Espa: -2982 2208
  • Corellia, Coronet: -293 -4741
  • Corellia, Tyrena: -5121 -2491
  • Naboo, Theed: -5064 4288
  • Naboo, Deeja Peak: 4963 -1574
  • Lok, Nym’s Stronghold: 480 4960
  • Dantooine, Aggro Outpost: 1575 -6367

We hope players like the new system for base busting on Aftermath. With this more open system base busting should be much more easier and common than on vanilla SWG. If you have any questions about the system, feel free to ask in game or in Discord.