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A Priority on Balance and Fairness

Here at Aftermath we have a huge focus on making the most balanced and fair version of Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies that we can. We have made many changes across the board to make the game a better and fairer experience overall while retaining the core of the game we all remember and love. PvP and PvE is no longer 95-100% Jedi players. Changes are ongoing and we will always be looking to adjust and make changes to achieve our goal of the most balanced version of SWG around.

Group XP Leveling

For anyone who played during the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of Star Wars Galaxies, you will remember ‘Group Hunts’. Group hunts are back in full force on Aftermath. Any player that tags an enemy MOB or NPC in a group will receive the full XP output from the kill. This allows group levelling once again and no longer forces players to grind and level up completely solo. Community and social gameplay are the core to any MMORPG and we haven’t forgotten this.





A Truly Unique, Dangerous and Balanced Jedi System

Like all Jedi during this era, Jedi are constantly in danger on Aftermath and must be cautious at all times. Jedi use a custom built Pre Publish 9 skill tree system and are open to attack from any player while using a Lightsaber or Force powers (Lightsaber TEF). If you want to play a Jedi you must be prepared for many hardships but ultimately a very rewarding experience. Will you hide in plain sight or fight all who oppose you?

Quality of Life Improvements & Less Tedium

We have made many quality of life improvements across the board on Aftermath to make the game experience more fulfilling and less dull and frustrating. While these simple changes are very small additions they add up to create a much more smoother and less dated experience overall. We completely understand that farming a Krayt for 3 hours and coming away with absolutely nothing is not fun. We don’t want to waste your time and want every experience to be an adventure.




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